Dion Custom Metal Supports Local Arts


Dion Custom Metal is a custom metal fabrication business. You wouldn’t think we’d have much interest in art. What would a Coquitlam construction company have in common with the local arts scene?

Through our membership with the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, we’ve come to realize that, in addition to business relationships, it’s important to nurture our relationship with the community. Dion Custom Metal is based in Coquitlam and, while our employees live across the Greater Vancouver Area and the Fraser Valley, Dion staff spend a lot of time in the Tri-Cities community - and we wanted to give something back.

We have partnered with Place des Arts - a non-profit arts centre and music school in Coquitlam and a fellow Chamber member - to create a program that brings the arts to children who might not otherwise experience visual art or music in a classroom setting.

In the pilot program to start in Fall 2018, Dion Custom Metal, Place des Arts and a local school will partner to provide equal parts music and visual arts classes to children in the community. Once a week, young students will head to Place des Arts for two hours of violin, piano, painting, drawing and sculpture. The goal: to foster creativity, to grow self confidence and to develop new skills in the next generation of budding artists and musicians.

At Dion, we pride ourself on quality work and quality relationships, including those we have with our community. We’re excited to launch this local arts program with Place des Arts and look forward to supporting and growing the Tri-Cities’ arts community for years to come.


Did you know....

Place des Arts is not our first "arts" project? We've created custom artistic pieces in the past, including a "W" gate for a local elementary school production of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and the "Evergreen People" sculpture at Inlet Station in Port Moody, BC, designed by artist Alberto Cerritos.